Dog Tricks - Magic Quarter Trick

The trick is that you place a quarter in one hand, showing everyone which hand you have placed the quarter in, then quickly turn your hands into clenched fists, finger-side down. As you turn your hands, you secretly fling the quarter to your other hand faster than the eye can see. The game is for your participant to guess which hand the quarter is in. Kids under 6 always guess the hand that you showed them initially. Because you've practiced this trick and perform it with inredible grace, you can show them that they are wrong and that the quarter is in the other hand. Now comes the fun part. You ask the kid if they think that your dog is smarter than them. When you do the same trick to your dog, your dog gets it right. To do this trick, you'll need to practice...a lot. Your job is to flip a quarter from one hand to the other faster than the eye can see. It's best to practice over a bed or couch. It'll take days to catch the rhythm of it, and probably months to perfect. But, once you've got that down, follow the steps below to train your dog.

  1. Instead of a quarter, use a treat and flip it from one hand the other. Always flip the treat to the same hand.
  2. Hold both hands out to your dog.
  3. Your dog will probably smell the treat and will point with her nose at the hand with the treat.
  4. Open your hand and give your dog the treat and lots of praise.
  5. Do this a lot.
  6. When you are ready, move to doing it with the quarter instead, givng a treat afterward for selecting the correct hand.

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